Unleashing the Power of Booklet Label

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If you’re familiar with designing labels, you know that cramming all the necessary information into a small space can be a challenge. Extended content labels offer a neat solution by allowing you to save space on the front of your label for design features that will help attract potential buyers, while including pertinent and relevant information on interior panels.

In the over-the-counter pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and industrial markets, there is a high demand for extended content labels. These labels provide the additional printing space without adding bulky outer packaging, and some of the reasons for requiring more space can be for additional directions, directions in multiple languages, extended drug or supplement facts, or additional BPOM regulated information.

Booklet Labels

Booklet labels are designed with a hinged design that allows for two or more additional panels of printing space. These labels use a read-and-reapply construction, which means that the top layer can be re-applied onto the bottom panel as if it had never been disturbed. Additionally, booklet labels are typically printed on white or metallic film. If you have a lot of information to include or want to experiment with including coupons or extensive product details, booklet labels are a good option for you.

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