Shrink Sleeve

When a label isn’t enough for you, there’s always Shrink Sleeve. With a maximum 360-degree coverage branding area, this type of packaging will help your product has a powerful shelf apperance.

With our latest and greatest technology, we’ll make sure shrink sleeve printing process and application for your product has the best quality.

Tamper Evident Neck Band

Tamper evident neck bands and seals are an easy and efficient way to ensure that your product remains pure and avoids tampering during delivery and shelf life.

Partial Body Sleeve

The partial body label is a shrink sleeve that only covers part of the product's container. These labels offer a different look from full-body sleeves that may work best for products that don’t require detailed information in order to convince a consumer to purchase.

Full Body Shrink Sleeve

Utilize every inch of your product’s surface area—even curves—to tell your brand’s story and communicate all the information consumers need to make a buying decision.

Full Body with Tamper Evidence

Shrink sleeves are thin plastic labels that offer full-color, 360-degree displays. Through heat application, the plastic shrink sleeve molds completely around a product's shape, wrapping tightly to even the oddest of bottle shapes.

Did you know a product’s shape is one of the top five characteristics that appeals to consumers?

Why choose shrink sleeves for your product?

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