Clear on Clear and Film Transparent Label, Explained

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Clear on clear and film transparent are both types of labeling and packaging materials that are used to create a transparent or see-through effect.

Clear on clear label refers to a type of label that has a clear or transparent facestock and a clear or transparent liner. This type of material is often used to create a subtle and discreet label, such as for luxury goods or high-end products, as it allows the product to be visible while providing minimal distraction or interference. Clear on clear labels can also be used on clear containers and jars, as the label does not hide the product, so it can be seen easily. *insert product that use clear on clear*

Transparent label refers to a type of label that appears transparent but has a blurry appearance due to the paper material it’s attached to. It can look premium with a matte or glossy finish, but it has some drawbacks. For example, its slightly blurry appearance may not be suitable if you don’t want a noticeable label line on your product. Additionally, it doesn’t provide much visibility when applied to a clear container, only showing the color of what’s inside.