Why You Should Choose Cahaya Jakarta For Your Labels and Packaging Solutions

Cahaya Jakarta is a label printing company for various industries, including food and beverage, personal care, supplements, pharmaceuticals. We have expert teams that work closely with clients to ensure the labels accurately reflect the client’s brand identity. Cahaya Jakarta has been in the industry for over 30 years and uses innovative technology to create pressure sensitive labels, shrink sleeves and in mould labels. Our sister companies allowed us to create a balanced ecosystem where we originally started life as a humble label printing company, and now we’re also labeling, packaging and provide creative services for our clients.

Moving forward with excellent people and technology

We take pride in creating distinctive and sophisticated designs that look special. We have assembled a team of technical experts who work in-house full-time to handle any situation. Our experts are hands-on and are among the best in the industry. Additionally, we kept up to date with the latest and greatest printing tech, combine that with our team of experts and you got a recipe on why we’re the experts in this industry. We’re constantly growing, our loyal partners, customers, and teams always strived for excellence

Heartfelt Assistance from our Customer Service

We understand that every client is different and requires a personalized approach. At Cahaya Jakarta, we strive to provide a personalized experience to build trust and achieve excellent outcomes. Our professionals work closely with clients, acting as an extension of their team, and tailor our solutions to meet their specific needs. It’s embedded into our core value as a company, Long term partnership with our clients which is built on trust and grows together with them.

We Master Label That Catches Customers Eye

We dedicate our business to bring the visual identity of your brand to life. We function as an extension of your team, working closely with you from start to finish. With our experience in the industry, we offer suggestions for embellishments and eye-catching materials to enhance the appeal of your products. We have access to a vast range of resources, including inks, substrates, materials, and methods such as shrink-sleeving, in-mold labels and digital labels, to make your design concepts a reality.

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Cahaya Jakarta has been providing labeling and design services to a diverse range of industries internationally for over 30 years. We look forward to working with your team. Contact us to learn more about our personalized approach.



Enhancing Your Brand through In-Mold Label

Product packaging is important for its success because it tells you what’s inside. It can help customers make a decision to buy the product by showing you the brand, its value, and important information. It makes sense to have eye-catching and informative packaging that sets your product apart.

In-Mold Labeling

The use of In-Mold Labeling (IML) has been growing in Indonesia and globally for over a decade and continues to grow in many industries. The reason for this growth is due to the demand for brand recognition on products, environmentally friendly labels, and the labeling of food and beverages.

IML is a one-step process where the label is printed and inserted into a mold during the molding process, making it impossible to remove the label. In the food and beverage industry, IML packaging helps preserve the quality of the product. Here are some additional benefits of IML:

  • Enhance Product: gloss, matte, textured, and multi-colored options. This versatility allows companies to better communicate their brand through product packaging. Additionally, IML enhances the appearance of products with clearer photos and illustrations, and eliminates the appearance of bulges and blisters, which can improve a product’s appeal on the shelf.
  • Cost-saving: IML is cost-effective because it’s a simple one-step process that doesn’t require extra equipment or workers to print or add the label, making it a highly efficient production method.
  • Sustainability: At Cahaya, IMLs are made of polypropylene, which is the same material as the molded product. This means that the biodegradation process can start right away. Unlike adhesive labels, which are made of different materials, there is no need to remove the IML, as it is already part of the product.

IML has improved over the years thanks to advances in mold and automation technology. Faster production cycles, improved cooling techniques, and optimal gate placement have solved initial problems with IML and made it a feasible choice.

IML is a versatile solution for various types of packaging, from cookies, ice cream and paint buckets to kids cereal.

Keen to learn more about IML products for you? Cahaya Jakarta can provide you with answers and consultations about, so contact us!

Label Varnish: Three Key Reasons to Pay Attention

Varnish is a coating that is applied to labels to enhance their appearance or feel.  There are three key reasons to pay attention to the type of label varnish you use. One is that it can protect the ink from smudging, scuffing, or other types of damage, preserving the integrity of your design. 

Additionally, it can add a decorative touch that makes your labels stand out on store shelves. While the benefits of using varnishes and lamination for design protection and creating a printable surface are obvious, it’s also worth considering how they can be used to make your labels more visually appealing.

There are different types of varnish, each with specific uses and benefits.

  • Gloss varnish makes labels look glossy and brightens up the finish, adding depth to the colors. This is the most common type of gloss varnish, and it is most often used on indoor products like vitamins, squeezable containers, or food products. 
  • Matte varnish creates a more subtle, elegant look and can make some colors look different. This type of varnish is often used on products where a muted look is desired, such as elegant products.
  • Combination gloss/matte varnish, labels can be spot printed with different varnishes to create a unique look, with contrast that makes a product stand out from the rest on the shelf by adding depth and texture. This is good for adding a dramatic look on black surfaces, an example of that would be a wine bottle label.

There are several types of specialty varnishes that provide added functionality and a pleasing tactile experience. These include:

  • Soft-touch varnishes make labels feel smoother to the touch. While screen printing can also provide a tactile feel, it is limited to a maximum of three colors. Using a soft-touch varnish allows you to maintain a pleasant feel without sacrificing color options.
  • Sand varnishes using this kind of varnish will give the label a sand-like texture, best use of it is for special promotion labels, luxury product, wine and spirits, and more.

Label Peel Nightmare: 3 Ways to Prevent It

Say goodbye to peeling labels with our industrial quality standard labels adhesive. Our expert and sales team ensure proper application, but for added measure, check out these tips for keeping your labels securely in place.

Apply Labels to A Clean and Dry Surface

To apply your labels, first make sure the surface is clean and dry. Then, clean the container with alcohol or soap and water, and dry it completely. If you’re not letting it air dry, use a lint-free cloth. Additionally, make sure your hands are clean and free of oils before applying the labels, and handle them by the edges as much as possible. But it’s even better when you don’t have to do it yourself when you can trust in our sister company, CJ Pack.

Consider What Label Material You Want To Use 

Usually peeled label products are found in a cold environment, more commonly in a refrigerator or freezer, so it’s crucial to pick the right material if your products want to make it out of the cold temperature intact. Cahaya Jakarta can provide you with label material solution and adhesive that can resist up to -20℃.

Think About The Surface or Shape of The Container

When the surface of a container is very curved or textured, it might need a stronger glue to stick labels on it. Some label materials may not work well on these surfaces. For example, a thick label can’t be wrapped around a curved surface no matter how strong the adhesive is. Also, labels with a dome shape don’t work well on tight curves. However, there are special materials and adhesives that can keep the labels from peeling off in these situations.

Don’t fret, our sales team is keen to provide you with exceptional assistance and solutions to your label peel nightmare.

Enhancing Your Products though Embossed Label

Revamping your labels with embossing can give your product a more confident, three-dimensional look that stands out from traditional flat designs. Embossing not only helps to create a premium brand image but also increases the chances of a consumer purchasing the product.  

Research indicates that consumers are more likely to buy a product when they can physically touch and feel it. The sense of touch plays a crucial role in perception of quality, especially for products such as food, beverages and health products. Embossed labels not only make the product look more appealing but also enhance the overall experience of handling and examining the product, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Embossed labels make your products stand out and show that we take our quality seriously. When someone looks at a Cahaya Jakarta printed embossed label, they’ll know that the contents are of the finest quality. Give your customers the unique experience they deserve. We care about the quality of our products, and we want to let new customers know about it through our labels.

Embossing adds a dimension of design complexity that sets your product apart from competitors, allowing the designs to reach new heights of depth and engagement.

Make your embossed label, contact us!

Liquid Vape Label: Things You Need to Know

The vaping industry is experiencing rapid growth, The E-Cigarettes segment in Indonesia is projected to grow by 2.74% (2023-2027) resulting in a market volume of US$458.50m in 2027. The competition to have attractive labeling and packaging for vaping products has become intense, driving demand and creating opportunities for new businesses. However, the key to success in this market is not just in the products themselves, but in their labeling.

Make it Your Own: Your Business, Your Brand, Your Labels

Empower Your Vaporizer Business with Digital Printing Solutions. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time business owner, digital printing services from our sister company Theia Digilab are the vital asset you need for success. Catering to niche audiences and introducing new products frequently poses a challenge for traditional printing services with large production orders. But with our digital printing, we can accommodate any size order with a small quantity required.

Streamline Your Labeling with Digital Printing. 

No need to stress over regulations, our digital printing allows quick adjustments to keep you compliant. Want to learn how we can help your vape retail business? Reach out to us today for more information and personalized support.

Contact us to get started on your liquid vape labels soon!

Seasonal Label for Indonesian Market

Stand out from the crowd and grab attention by using seasonal pressure-sensitive labels on your products. This is an easy way to refresh your branding and make your products look new and exciting. Whether you’re a manufacturer or small business owner, updating your product’s decoration is a simple way to differentiate your product from others.

In Indonesia there’s a lot more of those festive days. This is a great chance for you to boost your sales and brand awareness through these seasonal labels or special occasion labels.

Boost Seasonal and Promotional Sales

Many customers make their purchasing decisions while they’re in the store, at the shelf level. Using labels that are appropriate for the current season or big event, like holidays, can increase sales during that time. For example, people tend to shop more during holiday seasons like Lebaran, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Independence Day. Seasonal labels allow you to easily change designs or promotions, and can also help you track customer preferences and buying patterns.

Lower Your Production Cost

Using seasonal labels can boost sales during special events or holidays. By ordering a small quantity of these labels, you can easily change your designs or promotions to match the season. This can also help you track customer preferences and buying patterns. One advantage of ordering a small number of labels is that it can be more cost-effective than ordering a large quantity.

Benefits for Your Customer

Having labels for specific holidays or events can make it easier for your customers to give gifts without needing to buy separate wrapping. Including a gift label on the product can make it even more convenient. You can also make the label a collectible or special edition, which can extend the life of the product and promote it during different seasons and holidays. An example of this is soft drink labels for Lebaran Season.

Cahaya Jakarta can provide solutions and ideas for your product in the form of pressure sensitive label, shrink sleeve, and in-mold label. Contact us to get started on your seasonal labels soon!

Unleashing the Power of Booklet Label

If you’re familiar with designing labels, you know that cramming all the necessary information into a small space can be a challenge. Extended content labels offer a neat solution by allowing you to save space on the front of your label for design features that will help attract potential buyers, while including pertinent and relevant information on interior panels.

In the over-the-counter pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and industrial markets, there is a high demand for extended content labels. These labels provide the additional printing space without adding bulky outer packaging, and some of the reasons for requiring more space can be for additional directions, directions in multiple languages, extended drug or supplement facts, or additional BPOM regulated information.

Booklet Labels

Booklet labels are designed with a hinged design that allows for two or more additional panels of printing space. These labels use a read-and-reapply construction, which means that the top layer can be re-applied onto the bottom panel as if it had never been disturbed. Additionally, booklet labels are typically printed on white or metallic film. If you have a lot of information to include or want to experiment with including coupons or extensive product details, booklet labels are a good option for you.

Our team of experts in Cahaya Jakarta are ready to assist you on every step you need to achieve a great booklet label, so contact us to get started!