Seasonal Label for Indonesian Market

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Stand out from the crowd and grab attention by using seasonal pressure-sensitive labels on your products. This is an easy way to refresh your branding and make your products look new and exciting. Whether you’re a manufacturer or small business owner, updating your product’s decoration is a simple way to differentiate your product from others.

In Indonesia there’s a lot more of those festive days. This is a great chance for you to boost your sales and brand awareness through these seasonal labels or special occasion labels.

Boost Seasonal and Promotional Sales

Many customers make their purchasing decisions while they’re in the store, at the shelf level. Using labels that are appropriate for the current season or big event, like holidays, can increase sales during that time. For example, people tend to shop more during holiday seasons like Lebaran, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Independence Day. Seasonal labels allow you to easily change designs or promotions, and can also help you track customer preferences and buying patterns.

Lower Your Production Cost

Using seasonal labels can boost sales during special events or holidays. By ordering a small quantity of these labels, you can easily change your designs or promotions to match the season. This can also help you track customer preferences and buying patterns. One advantage of ordering a small number of labels is that it can be more cost-effective than ordering a large quantity.

Benefits for Your Customer

Having labels for specific holidays or events can make it easier for your customers to give gifts without needing to buy separate wrapping. Including a gift label on the product can make it even more convenient. You can also make the label a collectible or special edition, which can extend the life of the product and promote it during different seasons and holidays. An example of this is soft drink labels for Lebaran Season.

Cahaya Jakarta can provide solutions and ideas for your product in the form of pressure sensitive label, shrink sleeve, and in-mold label. Contact us to get started on your seasonal labels soon!