Varnish: Protecting and Highlighting Key Component of Your Label Design

Which One To Choose?

 Varnishes are available for the entire surface of your label or spot applications. We offers a wide range of tactile finishes such as matte, gloss, sand, soft touch and rough texture.

Gloss Varnish

When you want your products to look bright and new, glossy is the best for you. A gloss finish has been a favorite for brands for over a decade. Providing a clinical finish, gloss is synonymous with cleanliness, which for some products, is essential.

Matte Varnish

A matte varnish has very little or no shine to reduce the glare from various inks and materials. This varnish is very popular in beverage or personal care applications. It is well-suited for harsh environments where the products may contact water, weather, or chemicals.

Soft Touch Varnish

Our soft touch varnish enables to bring a satin touch on the surface of the label and the final product will feel natural and smooth to the touch. Give your consumer a completely new and unique sensation through label!

Sand Varnish

Invite customers to engage with your label through the sensory experience created by sand varnish. Our sand varnish can be effortlessly applied to various products, including wine and health/beauty items, adding an additional layer that leaves a lasting impression.

Scented Varnish

The sensation that sticks in the memory for the longest is smell. Scented varnish deliver scent when the top layer is lifted or scratched. This types of label providing your consumer with a unique sampling experience.

Varnish Application

If you’re not sure what kind of labels to use – whether hot foil or cold foil stamping is for you – contact our printing and packaging consultants and we’ll take the time to get to know your packaging and your goals before making a recommendation. We have the technology to create exceptional flexo and digital-printed labels, the knowledge to select the right adhesives for your label and some really great insights into how your foil labels can be exceptional.

UV Spot Varnish

Spot varnishesare useful for creating depth or highlighting specific areas of your label design. The process involves adding a coating of gloss or matte varnish to the surface of your label.

Screen Varnish

Screen varnish offers a tactile feel to the label, thereby appealing to a consumer's sense of touch. By applying a super thick layer of varnish, you can highlight key elements of the design.

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