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The following is a list of some of the most popular label stocks. If you don’t see an option that meets your labeling needs, give us a call and we will find the right material for you.

Film White

Film labels are made from films (like plastic), making them a more durable and flexible material than paper. White film has a waterproof, resistant to abrasions, sun, oils & tearing & microwave & freezer safe. Application for indoor and outdoor use, dry and wet areas. For use on rigid containers such as glass, PET, plastics, cartons,etc. Perfect for decorative labels, food & beverage, or health & beauty products.

Film Trans

White pet film grade has low whiteness and high transparency. Virtually invisible once applied. The inscription looks as if it is printed directly on the support. Oil and dirt-repellent, wet-wipeable. Application for mainly indoor use and dry area. Crystal-clear and glossy, perfect for applications where visual appearance is particularly important, ideal on glass, porcela in, plastic, metal and shiny surfaces.

Film Silver

Eye-catching durable film that offers permanent adhesive and a sleek, platinum look. Glossy, metallic finish provides deeper, more intense colors. Waterproof & resistant to oils, fading, tearing & abrasions.The eye-catching film is particularly suitable for labelling luxury products, cosmetics as well as for b everage, food and personal care products and in general for advertising and promotion.

Paper White

Paper white labels are less robust than film labels and are therefore primarily intended for use in dry indoor areas. However, with a special protective laminate, they can also be prepared for outdoor use because the protective layer can also make the paper labels smudge and scratch resistant and make them much more resistant to environmental influences. Suitable for daily products, cosmetics, food and drink, pesticide, carton etc..

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