About Cahaya Jakarta

Cahaya Jakarta is one of the leading labeling and packaging company in Indonesia.

Established in 1991, Cahaya Jakarta set out as a printing company specializing in self-adhesive label printer. Devoted in supplying our customers with quality service and customized solutions for the packaging.

We strongly believe we are referred to be proactive in providing services that impact people on both professional and personal level.

Our vast experience in how labels are printed and applied to various range of product is at your disposal.

We understand the challenges and strive to assist you, market your products by producing high quality, attractive and the right label for your product market. Limits are never set; challenges are means for continuous improvements to us.

We are confident in the fact that we offer the best label in the industry.


Stick to customer mind as number one printing and packaging solution provider.


To become a remarkable printing company that provides solution of packaging needs using innovative, creative and efficient ways to serve niche market with great knowledgeable and passsionate teams to embrace the market.

Our Business Performance

Cahaya Jakarta was built on the belief excellence can only be achieved with exceptional team, advanced technology, incomparable service and commitment.

With unquenchable thirst for improvement, we are growing.



Started as a printing company specializing in self-adhesive label printer. Since the beginning we have been devoted to supply our clients only with high quality products and outstanding service.


In an attempt to increase quality and capacity, Cahaya Jakarta invested in flexography printing press.


To serve better and a more strategic location, Cahaya jakarta moved from housing estate to a bigger facility in a industrial estate.


In order to improve print quality differentiating presswork offerings and fostering closer customer relationships Cahaya Jakarta implemented a CTP system.


Cahaya Jakarta installed the first industrial digital printing unit in Indonesia, that rapidly produces labels with high quality text and graphics.


In pursuance of serving a wider range of label market, we ventured to various value added labels types and packaging solutions; monolayer film printing.


Breaking through boundaries and limitations of printing, cultivated HD Flexography and additional of a wider press.


Raising the quality bar, implemented on fully automated label inspection.


Integrated operating system tailor-made for label industry in every aspect of daily operation increasing efficiency of work flow.

Cahaya Jakarta is constantly striving to improve the quality of flexo printing. In 2012, we conquered beyond the boundaries by going into HD flexo printing.

Why Cahaya Jakarta

Why Image

Our company is based on the principle that employees, suppliers and customers should be treated with the same respect, warmth and integrity that we would want for ourselves.


Customers are not numbers but partners whom we grow in unison. Having your confidence and loyalty is the core reason for our growth.


Innovation is necessary for sustainability and success. An ever learning attitude is the main foundation of our advancements. Updating technology along with time and communication too are crucial thus we continuously update our technologies and relentlessly find means to ease information flow between customers and us.


Ideas can only become a solution when applied at the right case and time. Our personnel are well equipped to assist customers in finding the solution to each and every packaging demand. We too encourage customers to understand our processes; exchanging knowledge from both expertises will fabricate the best solution.

Label industry is not as simple as printing production. There are alot of parts influencing for the process production, such as quality graphics, performance, cost, speed-to-delivery, flexibility, substrate variability, technical expertise, proximity, sustainability and workflow remain at the core of successful label production.

Our Team

Our team over 200 employees are engaged and empowered to produce world class products in a safe environment. We are committed to operational excellence, continuous improvement and fact based decision making.


"We have to work on basis of value to remind us how we should behave to strive according to the company vision."



Company is people resources. We focus on giving opportunities to our people to reach their full potential.


We dedicate our business with apreciating value of honesty, trustworthy and high ethical work standard. We do everything basis on moral ethic to ensure fairness and transparancies among all stakeholde


We only focus on striving for excellent product and services delivery to market wide.


World demand and needs are changing dynamically COMPETITIONS are fiercer. We will focus on embracing the change through innovation, technologies and foresight the future to survive in the market.


Taking care the company and customers, as our own.


Creating a safe and accident free working environment.


We will contribute back to society to demonstrating corporate social responsibility.